DATE	:	December 5, 2005
TO	:	Network Libraries
FROM	:	Tom Martin
Subject	:	Talking Books web contact form

A new project is under way to notify network libraries of interested
potential patrons in their service areas. 

Since September 2005, as part of the NLS public outreach campaign, the
public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard has been placing online banner ads
for Talking Books that link interested individuals to the NLS home
page. In January, the home page will feature the same banner ad which will
be linked in turn to a web form that will enable users to leave contact
information. On submitting the form, users will be sent a thank-you e-mail
from an account at NLS.

The contact information will be saved in a secure database which will be
processed nightly. When there is new contact information, an e-mail
notification to the appropriate regional library will provide a link to a
secure web page where the contact information is available. Libraries may
then contact people in their region who have expressed an interest in
their service.

These notification e-mails should be directed to an in-box that is
monitored every day. Many regional libraries maintain a general in-box,
with an address such as [log in to unmask] It is appropriate for
notification e-mails to be directed to a librarys general inbox.

NLS will provide Fleishman-Hillard with the following elements from the
network library database:

1. State name
2. Library name
3. Library e-mail
4. Library phone
5. Contact person (regional librarian)
6. Contact's e-mail
7. Contact's phone 

Regional libraries should check and update as necessary their e-mail
addresses by December 12, 2005. If address changes are to be made for this
project, libraries should use the administrator login for the Network
Library Services web site and update the organization and contact
information in the network database area of the site. Regional libraries
that want additional e-mail accounts to receive notice of new contacts
should notify their network consultant by December 12. Once the project
begins, libraries can update their target e-mail account(s) via the
contact list page.

NLS plans to begin this project in January, after the database has been
created at Fleishman-Hillard and populated with the appropriate library
e-mail accounts. 

For more information contact:	Tom Martin
				Assistant Chief, Network Division
				[log in to unmask]