Fall 2005


Contemporary Native American women authors

Writing by Native American women has flourished in the past thirty
years.  Their novels, nonfiction, and poetry reflect the realities of
contemporary Indian life, especially issues pertinent to women.  NLS has
recently added the following works of nine contemporary Native American
women authors:  

Allen, Paula G.  Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Womans
Sourcebook.  RC 34434.
Pocahantas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat.
		BR 15483.
	Shadow Country.  RC 37077.
Brant, Beth.  Food and Spirits: Stories.  RC 38660.

Cook-Lyman, Elizabeth.  From the Rivers Edge.  RC 34767.

Earling, Debra M.  Perma Red.  RC 56419.

Erdrich, Heid E., and Laura Tohe, eds.  Sister Nations: Native American
Women Writers on Community.  RC 58347.

Erdrich, Louise.The Antelope Wife: A Novel.  RC 33023.
		The Beet Queen: A Novel.  RC 23943.
		The Bingo Palace.  RC 39114.
		The Birchbark House. (juvenile fiction) RC 48991.
		The Blue Jays Dance: A Birth Year.  BR 10450.
		Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country.  RC 59035.
		Four Souls.  RC 59355.
		The Game of Silence.  (juvenile fiction) RC in process.
		The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse.  RC 53273.
		Love Medicine: A Novel.  RC 22061.
		The Master Butchers Singing Club.  RC 58796.
		The Painted Drum.  In process.
		Tales of Burning Love.  RC 42836.
		Tracks.  RC 28557.

Erdrich, Louise, and Michael Dorris.  The Crown of Columbus.   RC 33023.

Erdrich, Louise, with Katrina Kenison.  The Best American Short
Stories: Selections from U.S. and Canadian Magazines.  RC 38344.

Glancy, Diane.  Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears, BR 10845. 
		Trigger Dance.  RC 34405.

Hogan, Linda.  	Mean Spirit: A Novel.  RC 33685.
		Power.  RC 48115.
		Seeing the Sun.  RC 35809.
		Solar Storms: A Novel.  RC 43726.
		The Woman Who Watches over the World: A Native Memoir.  RC 53253.

Silko, Leslie.  Almanac of the Dead.  RC 35184.
		Ceremony.  BR 03484 and RC 13355.
 		Storyteller.  BRA 17499 and RC 18110.
For further information about these and other Native American women
writers see Versace, Candelora.  Talking leaves: a look at Native American
women authors.  Native peoples, Nov.Dec. 2005: 3639.