Replying with the benefit of reading Dennis Meissner's message, it would 
seem that Dublin Core is more appropriately applied to the finding aid 
itself. Here are some of my related questions:

Is there any consensus in practice regarding mapping or would anybody even 
argue that there's a need for consensus here?

If Dublin Core is used only within <eadheader> the resulting "record" seems 
mighty brief. If this metadata is primarily for web retrieval of some sort 
does the metadata match the needs for this sort of retrieval (searching, 

I have seen some finding aids represented online in HTML rendering using 
the standard frames layout. Some institutions place meta tags mapped to 
Dublin Core within the HTML coding for the home frame page. The set of 
Dublin Core elements are usually more inclusive in these cases, sometimes 
including indexing terms and other metadata outside the scope of 
<eadheader>. In cases where I am able to see the originating XML document I 
don't see Dublin Core mapping so I want to know if the coding is being done 
by hand on the frame.html page or if it is being generated in some way from 
the XML document.

And, on this same issue, is this a short term fix if the intention is to be 
able to mount our XML documents directly on the Web in the future when 
browser capabilities allow?

How do you see Dublin Core mapping within finding aids being utilized?


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> The question raised regarding mapping turns on another question.   In
> your Dublin Core record, are you describing the finding aid (if so map to
> <eadheader>) or are you describing the collection (if so map to <ead> or,
> more precisely, to <archdesc> elements)?
> Michael Fox

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