GPO is pleased to announce the launch of its Registry of U.S.
Government Publication Digitization Projects at

GPO encourages you or the colleagues at your institution performing
digitization to contribute information about your planned, in process,
and completed digitization projects including U.S. Government
publications to the Registry. You may update information about the
projects as they progress.

The Registry's goal is to provide comprehensive coverage of all
appropriate digitization projects that include U.S. Government
publications.  The Registry is designed to:

* Serve as a locator tool for publicly accessible collections of
  digitized U.S. Government publications;
* Increase awareness of U.S. Government publication digitization
  projects that are planned, in progress, or completed;
* Foster collaboration for digitization projects; and
* Provide models for future digitization projects.

Projects represented in the Registry must be freely accessible and
entirely composed of digitized U.S. Government publications or include
a substantial number of them.

GPO has seeded the Registry with entries describing our initial plans
for FDLP legacy publication digitization, as outlined in Information
Dissemination Implementation Plan: Priorities for Digitization of
Legacy Collection
As GPO's digitization activities progress, we will add additional
information about our projects to the Registry.

If you have questions or comments, please use the GPO online help
service at:

To ensure that your question is routed to the correct area, please
choose the category "Federal Depository Libraries" and the new
sub-category "Digitization".

You may also contact the GPO Customer Contact Center at 866-512-1800
(Toll-free), or at 202-512-1800 (DC Metropolitan Area), Monday through
Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., EST.

GPO Customer Contact Center