FEDLINK is seeking nominations for a second OCLC Members Council Delegate.

The new delegate will join Eleanor Frierson, Deputy Director of the National Agricultural Library, representing FEDLINK on the Council.  Suzanne Ryder, Associate Librarian, Naval Research Library, is currently the first alternate.

Please send nomination suggestions to the FLICC/FEDLINK office at [log in to unmask] by February 28, 2006.

Questions can be directed to Lynn McDonald in FEDLINK at [log in to unmask]  or 202-707-4832.

The FLICC Nominating Working Group will select from the nominations the slate of candidates for an election to be held in March/April.  

OCLC Members Council and member libraries need the best representatives that each network can provide.  Besides electing trustees, Members Council is actively involved in strategic planning, environmental scans, and identifying services needed by libraries.  Members Council needs individuals who are leaders, who demonstrate vision, who understand libraries' goals and future directions, and who can recommend how OCLC and libraries can help each other accomplish those goals.

One of the major responsibilities of the OCLC Members Council is to elect six of its members to the OCLC Board of Trustees, two board members every two years.  The delegates you send to Members Council in June of 2006 are eligible for nomination to the OCLC Board of Trustees in 2007.  As your network selects its nominees for Members Council, please keep this responsibility in mind.  All network nominees should understand Council purposes and activities as well as delegate responsibilities.  Every nominee should know about this important prospect of election to the Board.

Keep in mind the guidelines below as candidates are nominated to represent your member libraries on Council.

Nominees for Members Council should:

1.      Hold leadership positions in governing or member libraries or OCLC regional networks.
2.      Demonstrate a good understanding of current developments in all types of libraries and the profession, including user services, electronic information, and bibliographic issues.
3.      Participate in network activities by:
a.      Attending network meetings, including board meetings where possible;
b.      Responding to network requests for information;
c.      Volunteering to serve on network committees; and
d.      Articulating interests and concerns of all libraries and the network they represent.
4.      Help their network expedite information flow between OCLC and member libraries.
5.      Communicate an understanding of the impact of Members Council actions to constituents.
6.      Support OCLC's general goals and operations.
7.      Attend all Members Council meetings possible.

Who is eligible to vote?

All governing member libraries who are full participants in the OCLC system either by online or batchload are eligible to vote for Members Council delegates.