At 01:02 PM 2/23/2006, Marie O'Connell wrote:
>I have been asked by my boss if there is a 'preferred' Flash Memory Card for
>digital recordings.  Any tips would be great.  Thanks in advance.

Hi, Marie,

Well, this is a new field for us in audio land, but it is 
well-discussed in digital photography arenas.

Digital photography is no more immune to rumour and innuendo than 
audio, and a fair amount of FUD floats around there, too.

With that said, I have both Lexar and Sandisk cards which have 
performed flawlessly. A discussion thread on the Canon digital board 
seemed to favour Sandisk over Lexar. A discussion on the Nikon 
digital board also said that Kingston was excellent for less.

Before making a huge investment, I think trying out the card in the 
intended device is a good choice.

What devices are you selecting that use the CF cards?



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