At 11:04 AM 2/7/2006, Joel Bresler wrote:
>Hi, folks, many thanks for the various answers on this thread.
>I've never been able to "splice" a cover using two scans from a 
>legal scanner and get it to look decent -- the shading is always 
>off. If others have succeeded, please spill the secret!
Hi, Joel,

It depends what you want to do. To make things look really good out 
of multi-scan images is time consuming. I've only have 11.7x8.5 
scanners (European A1 or US A size) and have had to do it in four 
scans. All of the LP covers at were done in one of those 
scanners (I like my Epson 1660 better than the older HP I used for 
these) with the exception of Stringband Revisited.

What I do now, is use my Nikon D100 with 60mm f/2.8 AF Micro lens and 
the results have been reasonably good without true copystand 
conditions. It's much faster and more than adequate. Sorry, don't 
have one to show you. I've even done it hand-held. By a window would 
be nice. It gives you about a 2kx2k scan of the album cover. It might 
not be useful for some applications but that's still 167 dpi.