Someone sent me a cassette that had been steeped in coffee--suspected 
with sugar and creamer...the layers were glued together.

It was a Radio Shack cassette and was very very fragile, too. 
Normally, polyester cassette tapes are robust, this one if looked at 
wrong tore. I wonder if the coffee/sugar/creamer had weakened it.

With all the concerns about it, we pulled the life support plug 30 
minutes into the project when my estimate of cost to complete 
skyrocketed. Since I couldn't do anything, I didn't charge for the 30 
minutes, either.

I think it could be done, but it would take several hours of careful 
washing. She's going to re-do the interview rather than spend that 
kind of money. I would want a serpentine film-type drying rack to dry it, too.

Anyone ever had success with this?