At 07:31 AM 2/13/2006, Goran Finnberg wrote:
>Jeffrey Kane:
>Not mentioned so far is the fact that the
>playback EQ will be all wrong too.
>But it can probably be acceptable for lo
>fidelity material.

Hi, Goran,

I've been mentioning that there are ways to adjust the EQ either in 
the machine or in the DAW,  but it is certainly a step that needs to 
be addressed.

My biggest concern is gap-loss in normal pro-machine repro heads. I 
think that's probably the limiting factor.

I am impressed with the specs of "direct" instrumentation recorders: 
75 kHz at 15 in/s and 150 kHz at 30 in/s. These may have 
possibilities in this regard, with DAW post processing. If you use 
10kHz as an upper limit for voice recordings, at 4x that gives you 40 
kHz. So a 3.75 in/s voice recording, played at 15 in/s would be well 
within the bandwidth of an off-the shelf Racal Store 4DS and could be 
digitized at 88.2 ks/s, slowed down to 22.05 ks/s and then Sample 
Rate Converted to 44.1. Or you could use a higher sampling rate 
(which I don't have).



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