At 12:32 AM 2/14/2006, Michael Biel [log in to unmask] wrote:
> > John Ross wrote:
> > > It ought to be pretty easy to tell the difference between
> > > "transcribed" programs that were made directly from the studio at KHJ
> > > (either live to the network or pre-recorded) and those that came back
> > > to KHJ through several thousand miles of AT&T network circuits
> > > equalized at 5 KC (this would have been before KHz were discovered).
>Not necessarily.  The main trunks of AT&T's broadcast line network 
>were EQed out
>to 10 K back in 1934 and to 15 K by the end of the 30s.  Once you got off the
>main trunks you did soon hit 5 K lines, but the network line quality in the
>mid-30s till the mid-50s was quite good.  Far better than the lines for TV
>audio and post 1960 radio.  The AT&T Long Lines Division published a detailed
>booklet on their new lines in 1934 called "Broadcasting Network Service."

Interesting. I have a tape my Dad had made for me in 1963 off the CBS 
Radio Network line at KMOX and owned and operated station in St. 
Louis. It is 7.5 in/s full-track mono.

It is of the world premiere of David Diamond's "This Sacred Ground" 
commissioned by the Buffalo Evening News and the performance was 
conducted by Lucas Foss in Kleinhans Music Hall.

I have since obtained the Delos Seattle Symphony recording of this 
work conducted by Gerard Schwarz. David Diamond was present at both 
recordings (the first was actually a live concert) and tempo-wise the 
two intercut. The quality off the network line is abysmal. 5K at 
best. While I can find any number of 1947-1963 really good sounding 
recordings, this was not one of them.

I've always thought it was the line. Perhaps St. Louis was off the 
beaten track?



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