Hi Steve,

HSR has good-looking copies of A-1470 and A-5610 if you haven't 
already found them. I'd be glad to copy them to CD-R as closely as 
possible to your preferred specifications. The cost would certainly 
be covered by HSR's minimum dubbing fee of $50 for up to an hour's work.

The package has arrived, appropriately, during this year's Olympics. 
The Telefunken book and record set is impressive (and rather ominous, 
too) and important; and the French picture disc is a gem.

With best wishes, Richard

At 06:10 PM 2/8/2006, you wrote:
>I still need copies of the 4 78s made by Charles W. Clark for 
>Columbia, nos. A-1470, 1818, 5610 and 5519, in excellent condition, 
>either to purchase or borrow.
>His family, my client, has sent me their own, intensly played copies 
>which will cost them a fortune to restore so they sound passibly 
>horrible.  Rather than run up te bill for a poor result, I'm trying 
>to upgrade my dubbing copies.
>I'm looking forward to a deluge of positive answers.
>There must be a pony in there somewhere.
>Steve Smolian