I am pleased to announce that the last seminar was a success and full 
(limit is four) so we're doing it again!

This is a hands-on seminar for archivists and people involved in the 
care and preservation of audio tapes. It's designed to provide 
information for doing preservation reformatting -- and knowing what 
you need to ask if you are outsourcing the work.

You may obtain a copy of the brochure from

Here are a few quotes from prior attendees:

I found the course very informative and my knowledge in this field 
has been greatly enhanced after attending your seminar. Your 
attention to detail is greatly appreciated and I will take what I 
have learned far into my career... I would recommend this course too 
anyone in this field, and highly recommend that you keep offering 
this course in the future. You have a enormous amount of knowledge 
and a wealth of information to share.

I just wanted to thank Richard for creating this seminar. I 
participated in it and found it very useful for my work in the ... 
Archives. I can only recommend it to anybody who needs to do audio 
transfers.... Richard was very patient with everybody and answered 
any questions that we had. Everybody brought some form of tape format 
and we all watched as it was transferred in Richard's studio. For 
institutions who can't afford a full time audio engineer this seminar 
is a "godsend".

I would also like to tell you that you are a very good teacher. 
Thanks a lot Richard and continue your good work, I would also like 
to thank your wife as she was so nice to us :)



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