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>Has anyone given any thought to life after manufacturers stop making 
>cassette decks?


>Anyone care to venture a guess at how long till  that happens?

It happened in 1993 when Nakamichi discontinued the Dragon and the 
CR-7, the former with automatic play azimuth adjustment and the 
latter with manual play azimuth adjustment.

>Already the best decks (e.g. Tascam 122 MkIII) have been discontinued.

How do/did you adjust play azimuth on this deck?

>With a couple thousand cassettes sitting on the shelves I am 
>wondering about contigencies.

As to a contingency plan, I've bought six pretty pristine Dragons and 
have a NOS mechanism which includes heads. Fortunately, I believe the 
heads are a ferrite and should last a very long time as they are very 
special and unobtanium.

The other thing you need to know is a good Nakamichi repair person. I 
have been fortunate to find one here in Toronto and the good guy in 
LA is so swamped, he's not accepting new work, from what I hear.

Anyway, transferring them now using the best available cassette 
machines makes sense. I would suggest either 44.1/16 or 48/16 is more 
than adequate. I'm doing a project now that may grow where we're 
doing 44.1/16 transfers to live on a file system and then doing MP3s 
at 64 kb/s for access of oral histories.

Good luck.



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