On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 12:26:54PM -0600, Mark W. Downs wrote:

> hello all, we have recently added sony sound forge to our army of
> materials and plan on doing transfers at 96khz/ 24bit. right now we
> are running everything through a digi 001. i hear that it doesn't have
> the capabilities to do transfers at the rates we want. what are some
> good sound card options we could invest in, price being a factor?
> mark downs

Hey Mark,

I'd take a look at the RME product line
<> for a good combination
of price and flexibility/expandability.  I've been using an RME
Multiface/CardBus for some time now as an interface to my laptop
(running Linux) for field recordings (mostly acoustic ensembles) and
portable editing.  I chose this for its range of compatibility with
different software packages and for the company's approach to modular
product design.  On top of that, it is stable, durable, and sounded
better than, or comprable to, anything else I tried near the same price
range.  I haven't used their firewire products, but have heard good
things about them.

By the way, I'm a new ARSC member and new to this list so, "hi all."




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