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I was addressing the other Mike who asked the question. My JVC records DVD's 
that seem to work on 
any other machine where they've been played.
The Sony DVD recorder seems to have problems with some DVD blanks. The 
computer/DVD drive we have is even less reliable. This system was set up by our 
resident computer expert who USED to earn a living at it. We only meet for a few 
hours once a week.

The trick is to get stuff that works! Knowledge based on experience is 

This has to be a low key operation.  It consists of slide programs made by 
our founder, who died in 1997, using mostly copyrighted material published 
between 1900 and 1940, with some recorded background music.  

The programs themselves may be regarded as unpublished works though they were 
publicly exhibited as slide-tape shows and have been loaned out as VHS tapes. 
 I don't know where to start on the rights issues. There is no documentation 
of the sources. I doubt that any of the media involved will survive to 2067.

Perhaps nothing should be done with this material. It's just history and 
history is past. 

Mike Csontos

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Mike:
>> Why can't you make a master DVD transfer and then just copy it in the 
computer using Roxio or any 
>> other disc copier. I think as long as you don't include some copy 
protection scheme, the disc 
>> will mount and copy just fine.
>> -- Tom Fine