The following was posted on a pro audio forum.  I've not heard of this 
technique.  Anyone care to comment?

<<I've had equally good results using talcum to ease the friction 
allowing playback, negating the need for baking. I just stood there with 
a handful of talcum and applied it to the tape with a finger before it 
entered the tape guide on the supply reel side ...

Right, it's the binder liquefying, but it's the friction of the smooth 
head that causes it to stick. Applying talcum reduces the friction, and 
allows the tape to travel across the head without "locking up" the 

It's always worked for me, and was more convenient than baking, which 
sometimes required several attempts. I'm actually quite surprised that 
the technique wasn't more popular. I learned it from a tech who is now a 
head tech at Capitol.>>

Angie Dickinson Mickle
Avocado Productions
Arvada, CO

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