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> Then we have outmoded methodologies for cataloging the
> stuff...methodologies that encumber the process to the point where
> probably less than 10% of what is out there has been cataloged, coupling
> that with an exponential growth in the creation of information...
> I know, "we don't have the money," but you never will, so why not simplify
> the system...
One major problem is easy to identify but hard to fix!

Since virtually all collections of recorded sound are held by libraries
and catalogued by, or under the supervision of, people who majored in
Library Science (or hold graduate degrees therein)...
The collections are catalogued using systems and/or programs created
for keeping track of collections of printed matter!

This is akin to using a system/program intended for doing some sort
of specialized and sophisticated figure out your
income tax return!


Steven C. Barr