This is perhaps a bit off-base for this list, but I thought I'd give it 
a go...

I am posting this on behalf of a client, in the off chance that somebody 
on the list might be aware of the whereabouts of two recordings of 
sermons done by the late G. Campbell Morgan, who was a well renowned 
pastor during the turn of the century (B. 1863 - D.1945). He served in 
both England and the U.S., and apparently travelled quite a bit for 
various speaking engagements.

We have received some very poor audio cassette copies of the original 
recordings, for which the heirs of Mr. Morgan have been unable to locate 
the masters of.

There are two sermons, one titled " The Spirit of God", the second 
titled "The Emprise of Christ". No dates are available for either 
sermon. Based on what I can determine, I believe that these were from 
transcription disks, but they could be wire recordings (although it's 
rather early for commercially available  machines). They could have been 
done in England, perhaps at Westminster, where he served as pastor.

If anyone might have any leads on the original source material for these 
recordings, please contact me off-list. (Yes, the heirs have already 
tried a number of churches and other institutions, with no luck).

Thank You,

Scott D. Smith

Chicago Audio Works, Inc.
Chicago, IL