I see a need for two types of field recording equipment. First, a machine 
with excellent preamps and converters, for high-quality music recording, and 
second, the audio equivalent of a point-and-shoot digicam, something that 
can be pulled out of pocket or case, switched on, and put to work without 
timeconsuming setup.

In the first category, I like the Sound Devices boxes and the Nagra V. The 
other possibilities, Marantz, Tascam & Fostex, don't inspire confidence. I 
would be leary of their converters & preamps, so I would be reluctant to use 
them for music recording where high quality matters. And they require too 
much setup for point-and-shoot.

In the second category, I like the newly introduced Sony PCM-D1, which, from 
the illustrations and description, appears to be pretty compact, with two 
fairly decent condenser mics positioned for stereo pickup; and the HHB Flash 
mic. Just pick a suitable vantage point, switch on, and record. I wouldn't 
expect either unit to have worldclass preamps or converters, but I would 
expect them to be decent, perfectly suitable for point-and-shoot recording.

David Lewiston

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] CF recorders and mic pre quality

>> Tough one, Matt. The price issue will make it impossible to get a decent
>> Mic-pre and a CF recorder for less than the 671 (its around 700, if I
> recall).
>> Maybe you should buy one with a return privilege and give it a try - 
>> piano
> is
>> tough and needs a pre with very good transient response, which also 
>> brings
> up the
>> issue of mics. What is he using?
>> Joe P.
> I am currently using a pair of Joe Meek JM-47 "Meekrophones" (large
> diaphragm cardioid condensers). He has a couple of Marshall mics, but
> doesn't like them. I'm recommending a pair of Oktava MK-012 condensers.
> The Marantz 671 is selling everywhere for $999, it's the 670 that goes for
> $700. I'm just wondering if the "dramatically improved" preamps in the 671
> are worth the extra $200 or if a better deal could be had with a cheaper
> recorder and an external pre.
> -Matt S