Stitching together in Photoshop takes 2 minutes once you nail down the technique. Key is to figure 
out the scanner settings so you don't have background shadow issues and to master how to put the LP 
on the scanner at perfect angles. One afternoon of practice will nail the process for all but the 
most jittery hands.

I just bought an Epson 3170 Photo from Epson's factory-refurb site for $79 with free shipping. It's 
awesome. Just used it to scan LP covers last week. For an archivist, even though 90% of LPs don't 
run images to text to the very edge of the cover, I'd recommend a scanner with legal-sized (14") 
ability. That way you get all 12" of height and can just stitch the two sides together.

A scanner with a 12" wide and 12" high plate is rare and expensive, true. Our copier/scanner/printer 
at work, which is expensive and leased, only does up to 11.5 x 17 so it, too, can't get all of 
covers printed edge to edge.

But, as with all things, it's a matter of how much money do you want to spend.

If you're a library or other institution with leased copiers, check with your lease supplier. You 
might find that you can upgrade your equipment to networked copier/scanner/printers for the same 
monthly payment. Almost all decent copiers are now set up for this.

-- Tom Fine

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> Not the ones that will scan a whole Lp cover...
> FM
>> No, but scanners are dirt cheap.
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>>> Dear friends:
>>> I'm likely going to be researching commercial recordings at institutions where there there won't 
>>> be a scanner available to capture the cover artwork. Has anyone successfully used a digital 
>>> camera and lightweight portable camera stand to capture decent quality pictures of LP jackets 
>>> (and CD booklets) and accompanying documentation? Any suggestions on cameras, stands, technique 
>>> etc. would be welcome. I will likely have to move quickly, in other words, setting up for 15 
>>> minutes per perfect shot is not feasible.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Joel
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