for such occasion I use fast flatbed scanner (mine is Canon 8400F), making 2 
or 4 part scans with same scanner calibration settings and gathering all 
parts together in some photo stitching program (Canon, Panorama, ArcSoft are 
the options). But plastic border or mask of flatbed scanner must be aligned 
with glass, so I'm using 3mm thick glass to fill the gap between idiotic 
scanner-designer feature and plastic.

Works very well.



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> Dear  friends:
> I'm likely going to be researching commercial recordings at  institutions
> where there there won't be a scanner available to capture the  cover
> artwork. Has anyone successfully used a digital camera and  lightweight
> portable camera stand to capture decent quality pictures of LP  jackets 
> (and
> CD booklets) and accompanying documentation? Any suggestions  on cameras,
> stands, technique etc. would be welcome. I will likely have to  move
> quickly, in other words, setting up for 15 minutes per perfect shot  is 
> not
> feasible.
> Thanks,
> Joel