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> > Don't forget the other use, namely when a jock records one of his shifts
> to use
> > as an audition tape (or to run on the air while he's seeing his lady
> friend, a
> > la Clint Eastwood in "Play Misty For Me" where he puts up a 5-inch reel
> that
> > runs for two hours while he deals with Jessica Walter.....wouldn't it be a
> > great in-joke if Eastwood showed up in the finale of "Arrested
> Development"
> > tomorrow evening? Wonder if Ron Howard can make a last-minute alteration?)
> >
> I had forgotten that one...which is odd, because it was common practice at
> 'ILN for the jocks who were about to graduate and had to try and find a REAL
> radio job...
> BTW, I've twice heard CD-R malfunctions on JRT, where a lot of programs
> are pre-recorded (well, pre-burnt, to be accurate) the digital age
> hasn't changed things! Recall hearing a guy on ISU's "real" station (FM),
> which was all-classical then...he put on a nice, long, classical cut...
> disappeared for what he thought would be a nice break...and the record
> stuck about 30 seconds into the cut (and stayed stuck for quite a while...)
> Steven C. Barr

And so friends, go to your neighbourhood A&P...&P...&P...

CJRT had an automated system years ago, and entire programs were taped and set
up on this monster. Generally it functioned reasonably well, but the station's
operations manager lived five minutes away and had to go in more than once to
rectify odd situations, such as the three-hour opera broadcast where a disc flip
took more than the alotted 7 seconds of dead air, triggering the start of the
jazz program a couple of hours early (and Ted would give time checks in those