Yes John,  it is quite easy to tell the difference.  The show has a 
"thinner" sound than those that precede or follow it.  Still, most 
listeners, I doubt, would notice the difference without the ability to 
A/B it directly with another show.  However, if you listen to most of 
the recordings of OTR by the various vendors of vintage radio, my 
recording seems like HiFi in comparison.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

John Ross wrote:

> It ought to be pretty easy to tell the difference between 
> "transcribed" programs that were made directly from the studio at KHJ 
> (either live to the network or pre-recorded) and those that came back 
> to KHJ through several thousand miles of AT&T network circuits 
> equalized at 5 KC (this would have been before KHz were discovered). 
> The lack of a high end and the reduced dynamic range should be very 
> obvious on the incoming network feeds.