50th anniversary -- since videotape became so important to so many sound collections, someone should 
do a historic presentation at the ARSC meeting in Seattle. PRobably too late to get one together, 
alas. Particularly too bad since it's out on the left coast and near to Ampex vets like Ross Snyder 
and Ray Dolby.

Video, and television in particular, was incredibly lucrative and dwarfed any and all audio ventures 
by the mid-60s or earlier. Video did, indeed, kill the radio star. And it forever altered the movie 
business. And sea-changed the culture. Very debatable whether it was a net good, but I think, in 
dollar terms and in terms of public acceptance, television is the most massive of mass-media by a 
long shot. The development and exploitation of re-usable videotape was a major practical/technical 
barrier crossed. And home recording created a second cultural sea-change.

-- Tom Fine

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>>As did, I would guess, the video-tape era when that first appeared...
> 1956 NAB show Ampex unveiled the VR-1000 and they apparently couldn't make them fast enough. This 
> is the 50th anniversary!
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