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I have two different stocks which were involved in class action suits and  
form to fill out was 4 pages plus they needed copies of statements and then  
- MAYBE - you'd get something.

Lately I've been getting them at a rate of one a week or so.

These things are for the benefit of the holders of tens of thousands of 
shares of the stock (and the lawyers of course). I've often wondered what happens 
to that part of the money awarded to the tens of thousands of small 
shareholders who never file a claim because they wouldn't get enough to pay the postage 
on the forms.

But then, the millions of non-shareholders, who vote for the congressmen 
(mostly lawyers) who make the laws, think that it is great that someone is taking 
"the man" to task for perpetrating an injustice on the public.

Sony obviously made a mistake, they've made many in media products, but 
simply not buying the product is a better way to protest than lawsuits. 

Of course then we are stuck with the job of trying to recover the sound or 
video from their orphan media.

Mike Csontos