Lou Judson wrote:

> Brrrrr! All this talk of weisghting the stylus for Lps just makes me
> cringe! For 78s maybe okay but on microgroove and stereo Lps isn't that
> damaging? I know it is. Diskwasher 3, now 4, is all I use, other than a
> wash with Ivory when they need it! The moistening just before playing
> takes the static away...

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Definitely not something I'd do
as a matter of course, and certainly not to my own records unless I had no
other way to get one last play out of them, but actually it did no harm..a dime
isn't going to add THAT much weight, just enough to get the tip down a little
deeper, and the next play always sounded perfect. I was there.


> On Feb 11, 2006, at 9:36 PM, David Lennick was hanged for heresy when he
> scribed:
> > Put a dime on the headshell and play the track I
> > want to use with the pot down, while running something else on the
> > air, and the
> >
> > stylus has chiseled the mud out of the grooves. It was easier to
> > replace styli
> > than records by that time.