Lou Judson wrote:

> Pardon this if it is OT - I am curious about this. I have only heard a
> few Dynagroove records, and rather than do laborius research, can
> someone describe what is going on with them? All I remember about them
> is that they had a raised ridge around the circumference to keep them
> from rubbing together on the grooves... What are the issues about the
> mastering and pressing? Offlist if I am the only one who wonders...
> <L>

Just so we're all on the same side of the disc here....there was DynaGroove,
there was DynaFlex (aka taco shell pressings), and there was something called
DynaRange that escapes me at the moment. (There was also DynaShore but she
hadn't recorded for RCA for quite a while by that time.) DynaGroove was
Vicspeak for overmodulated and distorted. The raised ridge and center was
called "Gruve Gard" but most North American LPs began to have those in the mid
50s, except Decca.


> On Feb 12, 2006, at 4:33 PM, Jeffrey Kane wrote:
> > RCA was WONDERFUL until the Dynagroove era. I have found though that
> > the unlistenable Dynagroove stuff, if available on 4 track, sounds MUCH
> > better through that medium. I've bought precisely two dynagroove
> > records.
> > One was to see if it really sounded all that bad. The second was
> > because I
> > wasn't looking. :(