Jeffrey Kane wrote:

> The term "Shaded Dog" refers to the label RCA used at the time which was a
> tomato label with an image of Nipper on a dark plum shaded half circle,
> hence the term "Shaded Dog". You can see images at
> I must disagree with an earlier post that is confusing Dynagroove with
> Dynaflex. At the advent of the Dynagroove era, RCA was still issuing
> full-weight pressings that were largely identical to what had come before.
> It was merely the content that was adulterated, the pressings themselves
> were fine. As we sank into the dark days of the early 70's, RCA introduced
> Dynaflex which was intended to save them money as it used MUCH less vinyl. I
> believe they were 80 gram pressings. They were pathetically thin and warped
> if you looked at them wrong. I'm not entirely sure but I think RCA had
> discontinued the use of Dynagroove by the advent of Dynaflex.

Remember the "oil shortage" of the early 70s? That was the reason given at the
time. Thinner records, lowered speed limits, switching Daylight Saving Time
around..I remember it well. Now they just jack up the prices on everything.

> Apparently someone at RCA was smart enough to realize they didn't want to
> use the process on the master tapes. Four track reels from this era bear
> this out, as do Chesky and other re-releases of the same material.

There was another odd thing that turned up on an RCA pressing I remember from
about 1966 and I wonder if it happened everywhere or just on the Canadian issue.
The Khachaturian Piano Concerto, played by Lorin Hollander, had several odd
metallic clunks during the second movement, like somebody tapping on a
microphone, I kid you not. I wonder if someone was touching the gate on the tape
deck being used for the transfer or what caused it?