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One of these years I'm going to have to deal with thousands of tapes my dad
recorded off radio and TV between 1959 and 1996..much of it dross, but a lot 
it containing audio from programs that probably aren't archived anywhere
(variety, talk, interviews, panel shows) and I can assure you that he recorded
at the slowest speed possible on whatever machine he was using. Much of it was
on a Philips at 15/16 ips. Aaaaargh.


I have a similar situation with tapes from 1952 to 1958. Most were at 1-7/8, 
I think, but earlier 1/2 track ones were reused on tracks 3 & 2 when 4-track 
came along. 

However I need a motivation. What do you do with this stuff? It can't be 
distributed and I don't know anyone who wants to listen to it.

Mike Csontos