We are currently investigating a possible replacement tape.

There is an "ART TAPE" that is 1/4" wide, is plastic backed, is "removable"
and leaves "no sticky residue".  It is "usable on paper, plastic, metal,
wood".  Of course, so far, this is all just marketing hype from the package.

We have tested the tape on a number of reels of tape.  It appears slightly
more adhesive than the old "Zebra tape" from 3M but, so far, it has left no
residue, has been removable without damaging the tape and has been
re-usable.  The best thing about it (in the USA, at least) is that it is
available at STAPLES office supply stores.

We have a call in to the distributor to see if we can get product specs on
the glue and other material in the tape to see if the glue is heat or
oxidation sensitive and if there may be any off-gassing from the components.

We will report any information we receive to the list and would appreciate
any feed-back from others on the list that may have tried this or a similar

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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] 1/4" Hold-down tape
> Can anyone reccomend a brand of hold-down tape which is suitable for
> archival purposes?
> We use it in our film and audio areas to fasten and re-fasten
> audio tape and
> film ends.
> 3M used to make Zebra Tape which was brilliant.  It was a black and white
> striped tape (hence the name) and 1/4" in width.  This tape stuck
> and peeled
> off easily and never left any residue. Unfortunately they stopped
> manufacturing this tape some time ago.
> We have used a product made by Quantegy (stock code: AC1H8125G). It wasn't
> as great as the zebra tape (could not be refastend as often) but still has
> worked well.
> However for some reason they have replaced the plastic base with a
> crepe-paper-type base.  I am not convinced that this replacement
> tape holds
> the same archival properties that the other two products did.  I know
> colleagues who encountered similar tape in the past and it was a nightmare
> to peel off after a long period of time.  This replacement tape is more
> sticky and I suspect that after some time, they will leave a residue and
> possiby disintegrate.
> So apart from the quantegy product, can anyone recommend any
> brands that can
> be refastened and does not leave residue on the tape or film after long
> periods of time?
> I would appreciate any help people can offer.
> Kind regards
> Geeta Jatania
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