I agree about the Dolby, so I just roll off the high end.  I've even got 
a "favorite" in CoolEdit for it.

Rod Stephens

phillip holmes wrote:

> Me too.  I went on fleaBay to find a Dolby decoder for the 
> Barclay-Crockers. In general, I hate Dolby NR.  It never seems to 
> sound as natural as tape hiss.  But everyone who has a cross section 
> of the BC tapes loved them.  And BC carried great British stuff like 
> Argo (fantastic label--music, sound, art,
> Phillip
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>> I'd like to add that I've been adding the Barclay-Crocker remastered 
>> Dolby 4 track series to my library in the quest for better recordings 
>> from the era of those who cared about fidelity.  Even though they're 
>> 4 track, the excellent signal to noise ratio, lack of cross talk and 
>> performances make these audio standouts.