Hi Geeta

24/96 is better than 16/44.1, but it takes up about 4 times the disk storage
space and complicates the .wav issue.  This may not be so much of an issue
for your institution, in this day and age, where storage space can be so

Also, The Red Book specifies the physical parameters and properties of the
CD, the optical "stylus" parameters, deviations and error rate, modulation
system and error correction, and subcode channels and graphics.

It also specifies the form of digital audio encoding (2-channel 16-bit PCM
clocked at 44100 Hz). These parameters have become something of of standard.

About some of the cassettes, keep an eye out for Sony C90's from the 70's -
they break at the hub.  BASF Headmaster Series C90's, the felt falls out
often and then you have to break open the molded casings and replace them.
Other nasty brands are Realistic, Concertape, Sun-Pro, Scotch AVC 60,
Certron, Ampex C60, BCX 120, Columbia C60, Scotch 3M 90 - the list goes on!


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Hi Richard,

Can you explain why it wouldn't be worth digitising cassette to 96/24?  We
have some music tracks on cassette that we are currently capturing at this
sample rate.

Anyway, transferring them now using the best available cassette 
machines makes sense. I would suggest either 44.1/16 or 48/16 is more 
than adequate. I'm doing a project now that may grow where we're 
doing 44.1/16 transfers to live on a file system and then doing MP3s 
at 64 kb/s for access of oral histories.

Geeta Jatania
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