Why can't you make a master DVD transfer and then just copy it in the computer using Roxio or any 
other disc copier. I think as long as you don't include some copy protection scheme, the disc will 
mount and copy just fine.

-- Tom Fine

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> If people request dvd copies of our material we use stand-alone panasonic dvd
> recorders with success. I copy the footage onto the onboard harddrives and
> then
> do minimal editing and then burn them onto dvd
> Once the dvd is finalized i make a copy of it with our computer dvd burner for
> our Archives
> Hope this helps!
> Erik
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> This is the approach we are trying currently, using a Sony DVD recorder.
> However we are having problems with the burner in the computer and the editing
> software is inadequate. Using the DVD recorder only, means running the tape for
> each copy.
> It would be better to go directly to the computer with reliable hardware and
> software. I'm looking for recommendations.
> Mike Csontos