It's also reminiscent of the "Lazarus Bowl" episode of "The X-Files," 
in which Mulder and Scully investigated a bowl that was supposed to 
have recorded Jesus's voice as he raised Lazarus from the dead.  The 
voice on the bowl also stated, "I am the walrus.  I am the walrus.  
Paul is dead.  Coo-coo-ca-choo," in Aramaic...

Susan Hooyenga

Quoting Trey Bunn <[log in to unmask]>:

> Aside from the possible dubious nature of the video
> clip, I will point out that this was a plot point in
> one of those "CSI" crime TV shows recently.  I'm not
> sure which one it was, but you know the type.  Solve
> crimes with impossibly convenient forensics...  I only
> saw a clip of it, anyway, at a film symposium last
> year, and it was mostly a tongue-in-cheek thing for
> those of us attending.  The purpose of the segment was
> to show how film and sound archives (or preservation)
> are portrayed in popular culture.
> So in this crime show, they have a piece of pottery
> that was being made by someone who got killed later,
> and they use fancy lasers and computers to read the
> grooves made on the pottery while it was being
> sculpted and spinning.  It was your typical "computers
> can do anything" scene, though with sound software
> like the kind we all know and love.  And by typical, I
> mean the usual:
> (Computer Expert explains the process and plays back
> the clip, which sounds like incoherent static.)
> Investigator: "I can't understand what she's saying.
> Can you clear that up a little?"
> Computer Expert: "Sure."  (taps 3 keys on the
> keyboard)
> (graphic updates immediately with appropriate bleeping
> sound accompaniment, because, of course, ALL COMPUTERS
> (sound clip now sounds clear as a bell)
> Investigator: "Book him, Danno!"
> Well, we found it funny.
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> Trey Bunn, MLIS
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