> I'm very interested in whether or not these work with audio...
> Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio
> 415-883-2689
> On Feb 24, 2006, at 6:02 AM, andy Kolovos wrote:
>> Regarding storage, another option beside a larger CF card or buying
>> more
>> cards is to use a "Photo Wallet"/"Photo Vault" that will import the
>> data
>> off a full CF card directly.  I've been playing around with this idea
>> for
>> a while and have asked a lot of questions of manufacturers, but have
>> yet
>> to try it myself.  I did learn that the Wolverine FlashPac (with 30GB
>> and
>> 60GB capacities) will apparently work for this since each card upload
>> is
>> stored in a fresh directory, and there is no fear of overwriting old
>> files
>> as a result.  This will provide temporary storage until the interviewer
>> can return to base.  Someone I know just bought one, and in his initial
>> tests it worked great.


When I hear back from Tim (the gentleman I mention above) I'll post his
results to the list.  I know from asking and from Tim's experience that
the iPod photo and the Belikin card reader attachemnt won't work for
audio.  Eventually I'll get around to calling a few of the other companies
that make these things and post the findings to the Vermont Folklife
Center's Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide webpage:



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