I am fascinated by the various subjects that are discussed and explored
in this list and thank everyone involved for widening our shared
horizons; it's quite an enriching trip.  On the subject (which I changed
to fit the current discussions) I found some interesting sites which I
include in this response.  This was a very informative site in that it
includes the Canadian clear channels, too:
And, from this web site:

> Today, KFI broadcasts from its Burbank 
> <>, California 
> <> studios on 640 kHz on a 
> 50,000-watt <> non-directional AM 
> <> transmitter which 
> is located in nearby La Mirada 
> <> at 33 52' 47" 
> N, 118 00' 47" W. As a class A signal, KFI can be heard throughout 
> Southern California <> 
> and some distance into Nevada <>, 
> Arizona <>, northwestern Mexico 
> <>, and, at night, in some parts of 
> Hawaii <> and most of the western 
> United States <>. According 
> to a May 1 <>, 2004 
> <> broadcast by Art Bell 
> <>, this station can even be 
> heard by sensitive receivers in parts of the Eastern United States. In 
> Summer 2004, KFI became the most listened to talk radio station in the 
> United States, beating New York City's 
> <> WABC 
> <> in cumulative audience 
> during the rating period.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Jeffrey Kane wrote:

>They did indeed. Power WAS controlled by the FCC back then, however. Indeed,
>Crosley only ever had experimental authorization to run at 500kW and had to
>renew this every six months. In 1938 the Senate passed the Wheeler
>Resolution which "requested" the FCC set an absolute limit of 50kW and WLW
>had to go back to 50kW. The 500kW broadcasts were carried out under the
>experimental callsign of W8XO and could be heard in London! 
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>>Clear channel ... old-time radio ... Crosley. Crosley sold radios 
>>without tuners; they were fixed to 770 AM (IIRC), WLW from Cincinnati.
>>The radios were sold nationwide (probably Canada as well) since power 
>>was then uncontrolled and WLW could be heard from coast to coast at 
>>night given favorable conditions.
>I have seen contemporary reports that credit WLW with having 500,000 watts
>of power at that time!
>Steven C. Barr