Yes Tom,

On the sleeves of my transcriptions it says either, "File Copy" or 
"Original" and the channel number (the cutting lathe location at KHJ) is 
written in grease pencil on the clear center area of each disk.  So, 
they definitely were making an original and a protection copy as the 
show was being recorded in Hollywood.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Tom Fine wrote:


> If it was a major market station, they'd have several disk recorders, 
> so possible they made 2 transcriptions at once or made a copy for the 
> person in your book. I imagine you'd need connections at the station 
> and a roll of bills to get that done back then since the process would 
> take the time of a station engineer and was thus costly.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Slightly off the topic but this must be the place to ask this -
> Listening to an audiobook drama recently, in the story there was a live
> concert broadcast on a major NYC radio station in 1939. Someone (the
> private eye, star etc.) missed part of it and someone called the
> station and was able to get a copy of the program - the same day. Would
> this have been possible then? Wouldn't it have had to be the original
> transcription disc, if any were made? It is a work of fiction so this
> is more fact-checking than actual history, but could that have happened
> in 1939?
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