Hi Mike!

I baked a bunch of 1/2 open reel EIAJ videotapes from the early 1970s with a lot
of success. They would otherwise not have played at all because of SSS. Two of
them I re-transferred approx. 2 years later. I had to bake them again and I was
still able to play them back. 2 hours in a food dehydrator were enough for our
I think these were mostly Sony reels. We had some BASF that squealed and gave
off a white residue. Baking didn't help those.

I have bunch of Ampex vhs tapes from the early 80s that will not rewind at all,
but they are not gumming up the mechanics in the vcr. So I am not sure if i
should bake these or not. Maybe just re-housing them would work.

If people request dvd copies of our material we use stand-alone panasonic dvd
recorders with success. I copy the footage onto the onboard harddrives and then
do minimal editing and then burn them onto dvd

Once the dvd is finalized i make a copy of it with our computer dvd burner for
our Archives

Hope this helps!


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> There have been lots of reports about SSS from videotape in 3/4"
> sizes. I wouldn't be surprised if you had it. After all, it's Ampex! (sigh).
> On the AMIA list, Jim Lindner has cautioned us against baking
> anything, but especially videotapes. He has good reasons for it,
> including the possibility of the tape deforming and/or snapping back
> to an earlier geometry prior to tensilization. I hope I'm quoting him
> well in this brief summary.
> Jim got his start restoring 1/2" EIAJ videotapes, including Andy
> Warhol's as I understand it. I have a lot of respect for him. Jim
> Wheeler, a videotape engineer from Ampex is also on the AMIA List.
> I think joining and asking your question on AMIA-L would be a good
> source of information.
> ***************
> I haven't had SSS on some of the first Sony Umatic or TDK VHS cassettes ever
> sold, though wear or loss of lubricant may be a problem. However some recent
> VHS tapes have shown SSS-like problems in high humidity.
> I have a number of back-coated 1/2" reel-to-reel videotapes that definitely
> show SSS. It is disappointing to learn that baking might not work on them.
> I've tried on a couple of occasions to join the AMIA-L list, both via email
> and from the web page, without success.
> I'm looking for a practical (cheap & quick) way to transfer various video
> formats to DVD for very small quantity distribution (1 or 2 at a time), with
> minimal video editing. Any sources for practical experience with this would
> be
> welcome.
> Mike Csontos