phillip holmes <[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
>So how does it sound on records in poor shape?

Results vary.  I have had records come in that were incredibly beaten up
and/or worn that played as if newly-pressed on an LT.  I have also
received discs that were beyond anything the LT could do to recover 'em. 
Most of the time, the LT makes a HUGE improvement on damaged discs.  I
recently received an LP that was unlistenable with regular stylus playback
but was fully recoverable using the LT.  It's a case-by-case situation.

>Are you using the declicker that ELP makes?

Nope.  I have loads of other software with finer controls for restoration
work.  The CEDAR box that ELPJ is selling for real time playback is
probably adequate for most listeners, but I need more algorithms and
sensitivity adjustments for the stuff I normally handle.


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