Mine is just the records,in a generic 78 album.

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No,"This  I Believe",but I have a unusual.or unique recording of a  dinner   
given for Murrow,just days before Pearl Harbor,on eleven  12" Columbia  78s,I

A fascinating set. I have a set also which came from a library which was  
disolving it's collection. The dinner was given by Bill Paley to welcome home  
Murrow to the US. He had the dinner speeches recorded and then pressed in  
Leather Bound Albums with the menu and program book enclosed and each dinner  
guest's name gold embossed on the cover. It was then sent to each guest. The  date 
of the dinner was on December 2nd if I read my notes correctly. (I don't  have 
access to the album at moment.
A fascinating piece and obviously a VERY limited edition.
Steve Ramm

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