Aside from the possible dubious nature of the video
clip, I will point out that this was a plot point in
one of those "CSI" crime TV shows recently.  I'm not
sure which one it was, but you know the type.  Solve
crimes with impossibly convenient forensics...  I only
saw a clip of it, anyway, at a film symposium last
year, and it was mostly a tongue-in-cheek thing for
those of us attending.  The purpose of the segment was
to show how film and sound archives (or preservation)
are portrayed in popular culture.

So in this crime show, they have a piece of pottery
that was being made by someone who got killed later,
and they use fancy lasers and computers to read the
grooves made on the pottery while it was being
sculpted and spinning.  It was your typical "computers
can do anything" scene, though with sound software
like the kind we all know and love.  And by typical, I
mean the usual:

(Computer Expert explains the process and plays back
the clip, which sounds like incoherent static.)
Investigator: "I can't understand what she's saying. 
Can you clear that up a little?"
Computer Expert: "Sure."  (taps 3 keys on the
(graphic updates immediately with appropriate bleeping
sound accompaniment, because, of course, ALL COMPUTERS
(sound clip now sounds clear as a bell)
Investigator: "Book him, Danno!"

Well, we found it funny.

Trey Bunn, MLIS

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