SD 744T is one of the best things I ever bought with my own money. A 
bit more than most people need, but I did a six day seminar recording 
for corporate prices, and spent it all in one place - I visited a 
friend while working the seminar in LA, who teaches film sound at 
CalArts, and he gave me a guided tour of the 80 menus items on the SD 
machines they had just got for the school... I said, thanks, nice to 
see something I'll never afford. Then when the check arrived I realized 
I COULD afford it - just this once. A whole week's pay. You never know, 
it could happen to you too.

I do as much or more music than anything, and to be able to record the 
live 2 mix and a stereo mic in the room makes the 4 tracks version 
wonderful to have... Not bragging, Ijust feel incredibly lucky to own 


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

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> Hey, me too!
> -- Tom Fine
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>>> I want to testify! SD are truly excellent, the Nagra of the 21st
>>> century.
>> I really want an Sound Devices 722 baaaaaad.  Sadly, though, I've got
>> Sound Devices taste on a Marantz budget...
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