Canon have a PhotoStitch utility that does all this with one click of
the mouse:

It's primarily for creating panaramic images from multiple shots but
works like a dream.  

I'm still trying to figure out how they find the overlap point so


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The way I splice LP covers is scan directly into Photoshop and then
color correct each half so white is white (using the level controls) and
then tweak the color balance from there. Use the crop tool to straighten
if necessary (but it was much faster to just learn how to scan it
straight from the get-go -- takes some practice at first). Then make the
canvas size for the left half 14x14 and move the image over to the left
center. Then copy the right half scan and paste into the left half
canvas and move into position. Then merge visible layers, crop to 12x12
and save. Sounds longer than it takes once you have some practice. Have
never messed with 4 pieces spliced together. As I said, the vast
majority of my record albums do not take the content all the way out to
the edges and I'm not picky enough to mind if the top of a photo is
slightly cut off as long as it's not cutting off someone's eyes or

-- Tom Fine