It would appear that you have a SSS situation. 

I'd highly recommend that you examine the head drum and ramp,tape guides and other tape contacting surfaces and see if there is anything gummy adhearing to those areas. The SSS residue will have a gummy  nature to it.  

 Clean CAREFULLY - especially around the head drum as Q tips can snag the pole pieces of the video head and snap them off, ruining the head. I used a plastic stick with a thin chamois glued to it . The cleaner was electronic grade isopropyl alcohol. The cleaning sticks are commercially available.

I've never baked videotape though.

Best Of Luck !

Bob Hodge. 

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>>> [log in to unmask] 2/3/2006 1:28 PM >>>
I am having trouble playing an Ampex 188 Beta tape.  From the sound in the
machine I am guessing it is sticky.  Hand winding the shell leads me to
believe that the internal guides might be gummimng up.  I have had no
problems with Sony L500 Betas from the same period.  Is baking a possibility
here?  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff