Thanks Tom, and all. Being fiction I am guessing he made an assumption, 
but it was the music director of the venue broadcast from that asked 
for it, so I guess it could be realistic... Otherwise the story is very 
accurate for period details. In case anyone is interested in recreated 
drama from the Swing era, it's here:


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Feb 10, 2006, at 3:18 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

> Judging from how many copies of OTR programs are circulating out 
> there, I think most stations transcribed most programs and many others 
> down the line made line-checks (now learning the right terms thanks to 
> this list). So, bottom line, it was possible but maybe not plausible. 
> If it was a major market station, they'd have several disk recorders, 
> so possible they made 2 transcriptions at once or made a copy for the 
> person in your book. I imagine you'd need connections at the station 
> and a roll of bills to get that done back then since the process would 
> take the time of a station engineer and was thus costly.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Slightly off the topic but this must be the place to ask this -
> Listening to an audiobook drama recently, in the story there was a live
> concert broadcast on a major NYC radio station in 1939. Someone (the
> private eye, star etc.) missed part of it and someone called the
> station and was able to get a copy of the program - the same day. Would
> this have been possible then? Wouldn't it have had to be the original
> transcription disc, if any were made? It is a work of fiction so this
> is more fact-checking than actual history, but could that have happened
> in 1939?
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