The trial was the first live radio broadcast from a trial but there was
not recording made. William Jennings Bryan did record a number of other
speeches some of which are available online at
<> from the
Vincent Voice Library (although none appear directly related to Scopes).
The American Experience site has music clips for contemporary songs
related to the trial

Katie McCormick
Reference Archivist and 
Coordinator for the Oral History Program
Special Collections - J. Murrey Atkins Library
UNC Charlotte
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Scopes Trial Sound Recordings

One of our museum members was asked by a local theatrical group about to

present "Inherit the Wind" whether there were any sound recordings
available of 
the Scopes trial, either the trial itself or broadcast reports of it.

I found a million links to the trial on Google, but only one relating to

sound recordings, on another list, with a few suggestions for research
but no 
definite sources.

Does anyone have any information about the existence of actual
recordings of the event?

Mike Csontos