DP-4050F-C2 - I have been able to find the 2001 sales sheet on it but 
that is all.

Thanks! I may be able to align it, but real repairs will need a real 
tech - if I had a service manual I know people who could do it. Whether 
or not it will be affordable is another question!


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Feb 13, 2006, at 10:48 AM, Robert Hodge wrote:

> What Model # is it?
> Bob Hodge
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> This is way off topic, but maybe someone knows: A client gave me their
> old Otari (8x, stereo) in-cassette duplicator, and another client who
> still sells cassettes could use it, if I could get it working. I cannot
> find anything online about it, even on an Otari user list. Any hints
> about getting a manual for it? I remember back in its day this was a
> much better machine than any of the Sony or Telex in-cassette
> copiers... I hate sending fine machinery to landfills, though it has a
> rugged road case... but obsolete is obsolete!