One must wonder about their claims of "professional" on everything they 
list.  A 3 inch reel of shiny plastic leader has never been considered 
professional anywhere I have worked - the real deal comes on 7" reels 
and is not shiny in any instance, just for an example.

My point it that their hold down tape looks very familiar, and if it is 
what I have seen so many times, it will not be pretty after five years 
on the reel or the tape. I would not consider this to be "archival" 
quality as the original question asked. It'll either be gummy and 
fallling off or hardened and not removable...

I have reverted to using Scotch magic meding tape (the kind that is not 
shiny but matte) as a better choice than this cheap kind of tape. I 
have never seen hold down tape that kept its integrity over 20 years - 
and have transferred thousands of tape for the 70s.

Anyone who knows of a geniune "archival quality" source would be 
extremely welcome. But like CD longevity it will take 20 years to find 
out I'll bet...


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Feb 14, 2006, at 6:28 AM, Dale francis wrote:

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