Dear Russ Hamm,

>> You said, "the necessity to adhere to high standards for data integrity... My belief is that >>organizations have turned over much too much power to IT departments - just because no one else >>understands the technology. IT too often tells organizational management what they have to do >>rather than the other way around."

You capture perfectly my concern.  It is those "high standards for data integrity" that I am trying to identify best practices for so that I can steer the conversation with our IT staff a little better than I am presently able to.  

I am confident we have a good backup plan, S-DLT copies separated geographically (although the archival data is not treated any differently than the corporate data), a high quality server infrastucture with clean power and fire suppression.  But, it is what I don't know, how to confirm the integrity of data through all steps of ingest, preservation and access, that I am most concerned about.

OAIS is a great "high level" approach which we are looking into but, it is not meant to address technical issues on the level that I am trying to.

Thanks again everyone.