This is an HTML-related problem, with I hope a straightforward 
solution from someone with a good knowledge of frames.

Borrowing heavily from Michael Fox's eadcbs7.xsl and Chris Prom's 
Illinois.xsl, I've created a multi-"page" finding aid with a 
persistent table of contents.  The output files generated by the XSLT 
all take the <eadid> value as their base name, with various 
extensions appended:

SPEC.CGA.TMf.html (the frameset)
SPEC.CGA.TMt.html (the table of contents)
SPEC.CGA.TMb.html (the body of the finding aid)
SPEC.CGA.TMseries1.html (the first series)

Here's the problem: an open Web search of key terms from the finding 
aid lands the searcher on a page such as SPEC.CGA.TMb.html or 
SPEC.CGA.TMseries2.html, and the page in question appears without the 
frameset.  This means that many of the finding aid's navigation links are lost.

Is there a better way of coding the HTML, so that the frameset always 
appears with any of the pages?

Amy McCrory
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